Find a Total Control Class Near You!

Congratulations on your decision to stop living with bladder leakage!  Total ControlĀ® incorporates a mind/body wellness approach to improving bladder control and includes education on nutrition, behavior modification, as well as specific exercises targeted to improving your body "below the belt." 

Whether your symptoms are light or more severe, a wellness program like Total ControlĀ® is an ideal supplement to any other treatment you might receive from your healthcare provider. 

Take a Class with a Licensed Total Control Instructor

If you prefer more hands-on instruction, find a training taught at one of our licensed facilities or by one of our independent fitness instructors.  New licensees are being added regularly. If you cannot find a facility or an instructor near you, contact us and we can help!


Take a Class in the Convenience of Your Home

You can also experience Total Control in your home by purchasing a book or DVD.

Train to Become a Licensed Total Control Instructor

Interested in becoming a teacher? Check out a listing of upcoming classes or contact us about scheduling one at your facility.

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