Riding the Potty Train

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Lively little girls, a fanciful train, and one charming camel conductor make their way through the first picture book ever to specifically address the pelvic health needs of young girls as they are potty trained. The use of correct anatomical terms and citing the five steps of Women’s Health Foundation’s “Potty Pledge(R),” Riding the Potty Train can help change the way growing girls feel about and care for their own bodies. Rhyming text and exuberant illustration help to make a brand new topic fun, comfortable, and memorable for both parent and child. Included: The Potty Pledge (R); Potty Pledge explanation, and Glossary. For every little girl; parents, educators, healthcare providers, and caregivers. Appropriate for trade, mass, and specialty markets; and institutional use in schools, daycare centers, and youth-oriented social programs.

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