Be Part of the Solution.

Now you can empower women of all ages, fitness levels, and life stages to improve their health and self-confidence and become a Total ControlĀ® Instructor. As a Total ControlĀ® Instructor, you can help women become aware of what they can do to optimize bladder and pelvic health long term.

If you are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and have had previous experience as a group fitness instructor (i.e., certified by NASM, ACE, or another nationally recognized fitness association) or as a health care provider, had experience in female pelvic health, here is your chance to make the difference of a lifetime. You can help us reach millions of women eventually and help them be active, be healthy and learn about their bodies and their options.

Who Can Teach

  •     Registered Nurses and Nurse practitioners
  •     Personal Trainers
  •     Physical/occupational Therapists
  •     Group Fitness, Yoga or Pilates Instructor
  •     Healthcare Providers

We prefer that candidates have a four-year college degree in a related field.
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