Missy D. Lavender   Creator and Founder of Total Control® and To Know is To Know

Missy D. Lavender

Creator and Founder of Total Control® and To Know is To Know

Our Story

Total Control® was developed by To Know is To Know, formerly known as Women's Health Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit foundation located in Chicago, IL. 

After experiencing loss of bladder control firsthand after a difficult delivery of her first child, Missy quickly became aware of the disconnect between the large numbers of women experiencing incontinence and the small number of available treatment resources. Following her second incontinence-related surgery, she co-founded Women's Health Foundation (WHF) to help bring education, funding, and research to the field of women's pelvic health.

Following the establishment of WHF, Missy created her own solution for the benefit of other women: The Total Control® program for physical and pelvic fitness. It is the first collaboration between medical specialists, physiotherapists, and personal trainers to tackle the issue of female incontinence. The Total Control® program is more than an exercise regimen to build up and maintain strong and healthy pelvic function. The program (available in class format and on DVD) also includes nutrition recommendations and helpful information that enables women to free themselves and regain Total Control® of their bodies and lives.

Missy Lavender graduated with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. Prior to founding WHF, her professional career was focused on real estate, finance, and investments. She was, most recently, a founder and principal in K.G. Redding & Associates (KGR&A), a private investment management firm that invests pension fund assets in publicly traded real estate investment trusts (or REITs). She headed the Investor Relations departments of two NYSE-listed real estate investment trusts and was founder and CEO of CitiSearch, Inc., a private real estate firm specializing in all areas of apartment ownership and management, including asset management, renovation and leasing.

Missy's other activities include First Tuesday Circle of Giving, an innovative women's charitable organization she founded in 1996 for women new to Chicago. Missy is on the Leader Council for Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago and is actively involved with the Art Institute and with the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. Missy lives and works in Chicago with her two children and dogs, Beeb and Libby.