Total Control® Is Evidenced-Based.

Knowledge is power and power is control. Arm yourself with the right information about pelvic health and wellness. Our program has been proven in scientific research to be effective.  
Below are links to published studies as well as press releases focused on the research of both the Total Control® program and the Total Control Platinum program geared towards older adult women, and women with limited mobility.


More Resources

American Urogynecologic Society:

National Association for Continence:

The Simon Foundation for Continence:

Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute:

Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center:

The CareGiver Partnership: offers over 500 different brands, types, styles, sizes and absorbencies of incontinence products. Can be purchased online with free shipping for purchases over $50. Their product specialists - all former caregivers - are very friendly and helpful. And they even offer sampling on many products.

Dear Kate: provides an attractive line of performance undergarments that offer extra protection for women. Protection from mishaps during "that time of month" or when we laugh, cry or sneeze.  Dear Kate's performance fabrics provide everyday comfort with peace of mind. Blogs that range from how stress effects your health to seasonal recipes to how often and long you should be exercising etc etc etc. Commentary on yoga news, science, pop culture, and so much more! Fresh look at fitness, health, and happiness. Our Bodies Ourselves provides accessible, research-based information about women's health and sexuality Great workout and blog links! A plethora of fitness content.