Instructor Testimonials

Love to Learn, Learn to Teach

Christine (Group Exercise Coordinator, Good Samaritan H & W Center)

Often doctors refer patients to our center who have hip, knee, and back problems, or patients who are recovering from a surgical procedure. Our staff has learned to incorporate Total Control® methodologies into many of our programs including water aerobics, senior fitness, prenatal/postpartum classes, and personal training. It gets the conversation started. Many of these patients want to address or prevent incontinence issues and find Total Control® to be helpful.

Eileen (Manager, Health Promotions Services, Little Company of Mary Hospital)

The Total Control® program familiarizes women with their own bodies and gives them the knowledge and tools they need to minimize bladder problems in a non-invasive manner. Incontinence is not a normal part of aging. Doing the right things to strengthen and maintain a healthy pelvic floor throughout the stages of a woman's life can really enhance the quality of life, save hundreds of dollars, and improve intimacy. Total Control®  can make a huge difference for women of all ages.

Jeni (ACSM certified personal trainer, Total Control® Instructor)

What makes the Total Control® program different is that you study the true foundation of the body, the pelvic pyramid, which consists of the transversus abdominus, multifidus, and the pelvic floor. There was no mention of the pelvic pyramid in my ACE and ACSM training and it wasn't until I went through Total Control® training that I realized I wasn't activating my own muscles in the most productive way.

Amy (Physical Therapist, Total Control® Instructor)

It's a new approach to teaching core stability and pelvic stability. New, focused training that wasn't addressed in my previous training.

Jill (Pilates Instructor, Total Control® Instructor)

I love teaching Total Control®, because it makes such a difference in the lives of the women who take the class. Having dealt with incontinence in my own life, I know how limiting and humiliating it can be. Seeing the difference that the exercises make for these women, and how the education about bladder irritants allows these women (and has helped me) to gain more control over the incontinence is amazing! Allowing women to see that they have choices is wonderful.

Jen (Personal Trainer, Total Control® Instructor)

I'm here to tell you how fun it is to teach this class, being a mom and someone who was symptomatic and still working on problems. You can realize the importance of helping these women having experienced it [incontinence] yourself. It's such a good feeling knowing that you're helping people in such a positive way and really changing their lives.

BJ (Fitness Instructor, Total Control® Instructor)

I am a TC instructor and I SO believe in how 'all this' works. The exercises really have helped. One of my favorite parts of the Total Control® program is the "tripod foot position". I use it for all my other [fitness] classes, for alignment and just good posture/balance technique, which really lengthens the entire spine.