Be Part of the Solution.

Now you can empower women of all ages, fitness levels, and life stages to improve their health and self-confidence and become a Total Control® Instructor. As a Total Control® Instructor, you can help women become aware of what they can do to optimize bladder and pelvic health long term.

If you are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and have had previous experience as a group fitness instructor (i.e., certified by NASM, ACE, or another nationally recognized fitness association) or as a health care provider, had experience in female pelvic health, here is your chance to make the difference of a lifetime. You can help us reach millions of women eventually and help them be active, be healthy and learn about their bodies and their options.

Who Can Teach

  • Registered Nurses and Nurse practitioners

  • Personal Trainers

  • Physical/occupational Therapists

  • Group Fitness, Yoga or Pilates Instructor

  • Healthcare Providers

NOTE: Candidates to teach Total Control® classes must have an applicable four-year degree, and/or experience in personal training, group exercise, yoga or Pilates instruction.     NEXT PRACTICUM: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2019 - CHICAGO AREA


What You Learn 

Total Control® Instructors will learn key stability and mobility exercises essential to the health and wellness of women. You will also learn how to help the women you work with locate, isolate and energize key spinal and pelvic muscles to give them a powerful center from which to build a full fitness program that addresses all the major muscle groups. The training includes valuable education that you can share with your clients including pelvic and bladder anatomy, the value of nutrition, and lifestyle tips to prevent, manage, or alleviate symptoms of leakage, frequency or urge. Whether you are a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor or a wellness provider to women, you will learn valuable information to immediately enhance your practice.

What You'll Receive 

With the Home-study and Instructor Practicum, you will receive a wealth of information including education, research in women's health, and of course in-depth instruction on the fitness program.

Certification Process - Self Study

You will have time to review the course manual, You Go Girl Book, take the online tutorials and quizzes.

Full Day Practicum - with Master Trainer

The full series of exercises in the Total Control® program in four sections: Pelvic Pyramid Awareness Series, Mat Series, Swiss Ball Series, and Standing/Wall Series, how to cue them and why they are important for your clients.

  • The anatomy & physiology of the pelvis, and about key health and lifestyle topics of importance for all women, especially moms and women over 50.

  • The three key muscle groups of the Pelvic Pyramid - how to optimally cue them and why your clients NEED to train them.

  • The essential basics of a new workout method shown in research to improve the quality of life for women of all ages.

  • The curriculum necessary to teach "Intro to Total Control®" and "Total Control®" classes, including class outlines and suggested course syllabus.

  • Current research in the field of pelvic health and fitness and how it could help your clients be strong and fit throughout their lives.

  • The marketing basics to promote this exciting fitness and educational program to potential participants, sites and healthcare professionals.