Caring For Your Pelvis

The muscles of your pelvis keep your "exit" organs healthy and working. They support the miracle of childbirth (and boy do they go through the ringer!) And, they're your muscles of "sexual appreciation!" 

Given how important these muscles are, shouldn't you give them the TLC they deserve?

The very core of your body is the pelvis, and at its base are the pelvic floor muscles that run from the pubic bone in front to the tailbone in back. Comprised of layers of levator ani muscles, connective tissue, and a rich nerve system, your pelvic floor is responsible for supporting your urethra, vagina, bladder and anus and in essence holds up the rest of you! Quite a responsibility, right? 

The Pelvic Pyramid


That's not all. There are other helpful muscles in the same region, such as your transversus abdominis (TVA) muscles and the multifidus muscles that run along your lower to middle spine. These three muscle groups - the pelvic floor (bottom), the abdominus (front), and the multifidi (back) - form your Pelvic Pyramid

When working in unison, these muscles (if exercised) can enhance your quality of life, prevent or reduce issues of bladder loss, and even improve your posture and flatten your tummy. Not to mention, with the increased blood flow to the pelvic area, you'll likely enjoy sexual benefits such as increased orgasms!

Ready to reap the benefits of a stronger Pelvic Pyramid? Exercising your front, back, and floor is safe, effective and easy with the Total Control® Program.