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To help you achieve the quality of life you deserve, we are proud to bring you the Total Control® program, a comprehensive pelvic fitness and wellness program designed by leading experts in the fields of Urogynecology, Physical Therapy and Fitness. Proven in medical research to promote flatter abs, give women better bladder control, improve sex and orgasms, and help women sleep better at night, the Total Control® program can empower women to regain confidence and enjoy a higher quality of life. 


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The Total Control® Program

The Total Control® Program is a medically-based low impact fitness and educational program that combines a pelvic strengthening regimen, an invigorating total body workout, and valuable education all into one. The Total Control® program focuses first on strengthening your Pelvic Pyramid - a powerful trio of muscles (the transverse abdominal, the multifidus and the pelvic floor muscles) that support and stabilize the lower spine and pelvis. The program includes properly performed Kegel exercises with other important Pelvic Pyramid exercises to promote healing, restore muscle tone and improve bladder control. At the same time, with consistent workouts, you're likely to see a flatter tummy and you may also enjoy wonderful sexual benefits with increased control and circulation in the pelvic area. Participants will also benefit from the valuable educational component in which you will be able to learn about pelvic anatomy, what is here and why you need to care, what can go wrong and why, as well as information about various treatment options. This includes tips on diet, a discussion about options such as medication, biofeedback , devices and surgery, plus information on related topics like nutrition, sex, and potty habits. 

Whether your goal is fitness, wellness or prevention, women of all ages, life stages and fitness levels can now improve flexibility, posture, strength and take control of their lives with the The Total Control® Program.  Proven in medical research, the Total Control® program can help you: 

  • Flatten Abs

  • Improve Sex and Orgasms

  • Improve Bladder Control

  • Sleep Better and More Comfortably at Night

  • Enhance Posture and Balance

Total Control® - For Women Of All Ages

Appropriate for women of all ages, life stages and fitness levels, the program combines key stability and mobility exercises essential to pelvic health and fitness with an emphasis on working the Pelvic Pyramid (targeting the three major muscle groups - front, back, and floor) In the process, you will also gain valuable, practical knowledge about common dysfunctions and causes, various treatment options, and information on related topics including nutrition, sex, and bathroom habits.

Total Control Platinum ® - For Women With Limited Mobility

For woman with limited mobility - seniors, pregnant women, women with health challenges or those recovering from surgical or medical procedures, Total Control Platinum® provides chair-based modifications to help you optimize your pelvic health!